are there hours of operation?

The Kinetic Training Studio, located at 321 Hamilton St. Albany, NY 12210 is open by appointment Monday through Sunday.  Contact our Experts to schedule a session or to get more information.  


Do you offer classes?

At Kinetic Training, we offer "Group Programming Sessions" as opposed to group classes so everyone can receive the adequate attention that they deserve.  "Group Programming Sessions" sizes at the Kinetic Training Studio are capped 5 people for the best experience for our clients.  


How Many Times a Week Should I Train?

At Kinetic Training, we consider our clients needs on a case by case basis.   Our recommendation is to come in for an assessment to discuss your goals and we can provide you with honest feedback.  


WHAT does "if it don't move, it don't work"™ mean?

"If It Don't Move, It Don't Work" means that we ensure that science and education are a part your training as you learn movements that incorporate hinging, squatting, vertical pressing, vertical pulling, horizontal pressing, horizontal pulling.  

Our recommendation? Contact our Experts to schedule a session or to get more information!


HOW long is each personal training session?

We recommend arriving 5 minutes before each session.  Each personal training session is about 1 hour.  


DO YOU HAVE a private bathroom and locker room?

Kinetic Training offers a private bathroom and a locker area with a private door for changing.  


What type of music do you play?

We allow our clients to play whatever type of music to get them motivated and moving.